How to Fail In Marketing

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A few problems that some new MLM marketing people have:

1. No Support

Once a person joins a new MLM marketing program, he or she is vulnerable and needs a lot of help from something or someone.

Business teamIn many cases, the up lines are not actively helping them. This happens a lot when the up lines are simply sponsoring as many people as they can with no regard to what happens to them after they get sponsored.

In most standard MLM marketing programs, it is important that the new person gets immediate assistance from a local person, or tools that you have. Otherwise their chances for survival are very slim.

2. New Marketers Believe They Must Sell

This is probably the major reason most people do not make it MLM marketing. By using standard MLM techniques, you have got to sell and learn how to speak at opportunity meetings and the like.  This is far from the truth in this business!

3. The New Marketer Cannot Generate Good Leads

Next to the selling belief problem, this has to be the next biggest reason most people fail in MLM marketing.

Here is a picture of what normally happens. The new person has just signed up Innovate then replicatein an exciting MLM program. He is taught by the manuals, meetings and so forth, how he should “share” his product with his friends, neighbors and relatives.

Normally, he is not comfortable with this, and if he is typical, he will have many sleepless, tossing and turning nights. He just doesn’t want to “impose” on his friends! He would feel a lot more comfortable just presenting his opportunity to strangers.

4. No System To Duplicate

If the MLM marketing company must be promoted through expensive methods, this is not feasible.  Learning how to sell, or to speak and conduct an opportunity meeting is just not easy to duplicate. Only a few people can do this. Here again, is a very important reason a lot of would be MLM’ers die on the vine.

5. Selling By Mail Using Standard MLM Techniques.

Traditional way to marketing MLM is to spend all spare time to call around and travel around to get prospects. A lot of people already have a full time job, it is hard to find extra time to travel and make phone calls. This is why these MLM marketers cannot keep their program going.

6. The Marketer Is Not Sure About The MLM Marketing Company Or Service

Often a person will sign up in a MLM marketing program in a “fit of excitement.” After the dust clears, he comes down to earth and reality slowly sets in.

Pick an established and financially sound MLM company that is at least two marketing planyears old with unquestionable products or services. That way, you can feel good about the company and products that you are promoting. There is nothing quite like being able to “tell the complete truth” to your prospective customers.

7. They Don’t Stick With It Long Enough

Starting any company takes time, and this is true with an MLM marketing Family enjoying the beachprogram as well. Remember, you are starting a real multi-million dollar business. Success and building a business takes time.  We can show you a number of ways to duplicate your business without selling.  If you’re looking for a business, we can show you that too!  Don’t be afraid of making a great deal of money and acquiring more free time for you and your family.  All good things take time to build and grow!

To Your Health and Happiness

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