Isn’t Getting in on an MLM Pre-Launch the Best Opportunity?

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Isn’t Getting in on an MLM Pre-Launch the Best Opportunity?

Hurry! Hurry! Don’t miss this brand new MLM opportunity! Don’t get left behind!

Are you are risk taker, or do you prefer having a comfort zone?

Be aware that most MLM corporations will fail in the first two years.

So the question to ask is do you need to gamble joining an unproven MLM company during its pre-launch, or would you prefer the security of joining a successful and proven company.

Marketing Strategy Branding Commercial Advertisement Plan ConceptNearly all network marketing businesses begin with a pre-launch phase. Why do they do that? It’s to do with promoting and creating interest and it’s also a strategy of building a distribution network, where these first distributors don’t have to pay to join. If the break really looks fantastic many of those preliminary distributors might have their own groups that go along with them, it’s simply a means of getting a lot of free advertising and getting some excitement going.

Driving on an empty asphalt road through the agricultural fields at sunset. Concept vision for a new beginning with a sign start and an arrow towards the setting sun.The business model of an MLM company is designed so that the more distributors it has the more sales it will make. In this pre-launch phase the company may not be making any cash and its aim is to get over this unprofitable time as swiftly as possible. The more distributors it gets, ultimately the more product it can get out into the marketplace quickly.

When any business starts out, it will take them a number of months to reach a break even point and to start showing a nice profit, so glaringly enrolling as many groups of new distributors as possible, the shorter that unprofitable phase will be.

distributors wanted white stamp text on blood drops blue BackgroundThose distributors and their teams that do join up not only benefit because they didn’t have to pay a buy-in charge but also know the company is trying to do anything to plug the product and get it to the market as speedily as possible.

A pre-launch network marketing company will be keeping its operating costs down in the original phase as it is unable to get its product out into the marketplace to earn a profit.

It all seems too good to be true. In a number of cases it may be.

Most MLM Companies Fail

The plain fact is, that nine out of ten MLM firms fail during their first couple of years of business, so before you jump in, remember this. During those first two or three years, just like if you had joined a longtime business, you will put a          great deal of effort into growing your business and your team, and all of that time you have invested will be wasted.

Conversely, those who have been lucky to join a company during its pre-launch that has become successful, have gone on to become extremely wealthy.

People working on a business planThe success of an MLM company can often be traced to the quality of its products, how reasonably its compensation plan is structured, and also the quality of its training. Management also plays a very important role, and an MLM company has a better chance if management has prior experience within multilevel marketing. Naturally the product is also extremely important it has to be evergreen, of high quality and affordable not something that may be purchased at the local shop for less. Evergreen means folks will always need the product.

Your Sponsor is the Key to Success

People at a business meetingExperienced network marketers are able to judge certain aspects of a new MLM business quickly and they look at several things before they join, newbies to the network marketing world may not know how to judge an exciting new business as efficiently. Your sponsor should be some one that you can trust and ask questions of, and you must always raise questions.

It’s very tempting, if you get in during the pre-launch either individually or with your own team, and the company does achieves success, both you and your team will thrive.

There is Always Risk Involved

Company risk managementAs with any business there is risk involved and it’s of no consequence if you join an established business or jump in on a pre-launch. The simple fact of the matter is if you do not have the right attitude you won’t achieve success in either situation. Established or pre-launch it truly doesn’t matter.


What does matter is how you manage your business. Do you have the ability to establish a successful business?

Your success is in your own hands. Are you a risk taker, or would you be more comfy with a longtime business? Either way, this is your business, and it’s only you that can make it succeed so it’s up to you to choose in which situation you’ll be most comfortable.

To Your Success and Happiness

Thomas Wallace

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