The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

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The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

You’d think that after all the years that multi-level or network marketing has been around (it all started circa 1920s), people would by now be clear on what strategy works. Unfortunately, this is not the case; there is still a lot of uncertainty about MLM. Try asking three of your friends what multi-level marketing is, and odds are at least one of them would say it’s a scam. One might say it’s simply another marketing strategy, and that it’s a good venture to go into.

Just a piece of friendly advice: stick with that friend. Because while there are many misconceptions regarding multi-level marketing and companies like Now which use network marketing, what is clear is that it works when done properly. The strategy will not last this long if it cannot earn money. There are, however, some pros and cons in joining a network marketing venture, and here are some of them.


It makes you work smart, not hard. It’s a common saying nowadays—sadly not a multi level marketingcommon practice, however. With network marketing, you are not just simply selling your product. You can create a downline that will help you earn passively. This means as long as the people you recruit are earning, you can also earn via commission based on the company’s structure.

It trains you for success. What is often overlooked is the fact that network marketing trains you for the skills you need in setting up and maintaining your own business. Too many people focus on lengthening their downlines or recruiting more and more salespeople just to get the incentives. If you look more closely, however, you will see that you are being trained to sell, to motivate yourself, to manage your precious time, and create connections—all of which are crucial to any business.

Although the material benefits are important, even more important is the self-improvement you will be going through; after all, this could even be priceless in the long run.


It looks a lot like a scam. This is the most common problem with network marketing ventures these days. Since you get to earn more with less effort, it’s a scam, right? Wrong. There are legitimate ways of earning money through MLM, as many who dared have found out. However, it is also true that many scammers pretend to be multi-level marketers, which could make it difficult to find those who operate legitimately, like Now

Too many people focus on the wrong thing. This could be discouraging both for multi-level marketingthose inside and outside the network marketing company. Imagine if you end up in a company that prioritizes recruitment more than selling, when it should be the other way around. This might be contagious; soon, you will be focusing more on trying to evangelize recruits instead of developing your skills and putting it into good use by actually selling.

Remember that all ventures or strategies have their advantages and disadvantages; the key is to be thoroughly informed so that you will have no regrets in the future.

Happy New Year!

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