Comfort Food That is Tasty and Healthy

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What is you comfort food? Is it cookies? Ice Cream? Mashed potatoes? Or maybe just Macaroni and Cheese. How about all of the above? They are all on my list of yummies!

You can have almost any comfort food that is just as satisfying as the traditional version or even more, but is healthier. (Yeah, a win, win). How is that possible? Simply substitute ingredients that will create the same look and taste but with even more flavor. For example, if your favorite comfort food recipe has butter, use ghee, or clarified butter. You can find it in any health food store and practically any other food store, or on-line. If time is not an issue, you can make your own.

In place of sugar, use whole leaf stevia extract, which is healthier than sugar. How to get it to taste more like sugar? Just add fruit. For example, if you bake a cake or cupcakes, just add unsweetened apple sauce plus stevia.

Need to replace an unhealthy thickener? Use the same amount of Kuzu Root or Arrowroot powder. Kuzu root is said to be good for the stomach.  (Probably need to go to a health food store for this one).

Use mineral-rich salts such as pink Sea Salt or red Hawaiian salt. They’re healthy and taste wonderful:)

You can replace cow’s milk products with goat milk, or for vegans, use coconut milk for sweet recipes, and possibly almond milk to add thickness to your recipe

Pasta-lovers try this for a change -zucchini pasta which actually has a bit of flavor, as opposed to pasta, which tastes completely bland by itself. My favorite is Chicken with Alfredo Sauce on my zucchini pasta.  (If I can make it, you surely can:)

Of course you should always check with your doctor if you have any health concerns at all.

You can find a lot of great healthy recipes at:

You get the idea.  Now go out and eat healthy:)

Thomas W.