Why I Work From Home

Thomas Wallace

Teacher, football coach, online marketer and cancer survivor. Degree in Business Management and an advanced degree in physical education and athletic psychology and exercise.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Avid bicycle racer in my twenties and thirties. Realized I had to keep pedaling to finish the race! I use that logic in everything I do.

I'm truly thankful for all the people that have helped me along this journey! I make sure I do the same for other people.

"You can have everything in life, if you help enough people get what they want." -Zig Zigler

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Why I Work From Home

I have been working at home for some time now working part-time while man working on a laptop overlooking a beachbeing a high school teacher and football coach.  (That’s coming to an end in June) The best thing about a home business is where ever your home is that’s where you can work if you have an internet connection. The accent is on “good connection” because if it isn’t it will drive you crazy. 

So why do I enjoy working at home?

Freedom – Yes, you still have to commit to regular time slots of productive input but you can work around family commitments, hobbies and your chosen activities.  Plus for me, it’s allowed my wife not to work.  She stopped working five years ago.

Work From Anywhere You Want – Let’s see I’ve “worked” in many different parts of the world, where I worked mostly mornings while my wife went shopping or site seeing. When you work from workenjoy your work it is more of a hobby and something I really enjoy. The afternoons and evening and really most of the mornings we have fun…I really work a max of two hours on my businesses.

Choice of surroundings – I prefer the peace and quiet when I work at home. No constant chatter or phones ringing. I can also work in a temperature I am in control of instead of incredible heat in the summer, and the cold of winter. The surroundings at home are much more pleasant and not filled with the tens of thousands different ways to be distracted. OK, when I stop teaching in June I will have to forego the companionship of work-mates but you can’t have everything. I might keep coaching football, we’ll see. There is a saying, you can have anything but not everything; you have to choose when you set your goals!

No Work  Politics – Or aggravation from the boss or anyone else.  I’ve had great bosses and also the opposite. Why do I stay – because it wasn’t too far from home, I like my job and my colleagues and I knew it would be temporary. When you know you can leave at any time you’d be surprised how the stress goes away.  The joke at school has been “don’t make him mad, he’ll throw his keys on the Principals desk and say bye, bye. Well that time is coming…. I’m ready in June.

Earnings – Your income is really up to you.  Only you know how bad you want making money from homethe work from home lifestyle. You only know how much money you want to make and  if you are willing to make that choice. There are both millionaires and part-timers in the industry. The choice is yours. (I’m very lucky, I have two mentors that both are multi millionaires in the home business world.)

The simplest way to work online I think is affiliate marketing as long as you enlist the guidance of a good coach, who provides great products and up-to-date training. This enables you to learn the necessary techniques whilst at the same time earning generous commissions.  I also have a couple of really great businesses which I found thanks to trial and error.

How do you find great coaches – word of mouth is great, or Google YouTube or look online, check out what others are saying. So if working at home is something you aspire to begin part-time and see if you like it as much as I do.

All The Best

Thomas W.