Milk Products That Fight Fat

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Milk Products That Fight Fat

Most of you who are on diet are trying to use less milk. But this strategy might be Different bottles of milkinaccurate cutting of milk may increase your amount of fats. How does this work? The reason is obvious- lack of calcium slows down combustion of fats. If there is not enough of calcium the effect of ferments, who combust fats, slows down. It is known that daily limit of calcium is about 800mg (this is about 0.5litre of milk).

Calcium in other products:
100 g of milk, yogurt – 125mg;
100g of curd – 150mg;
100g of melted cheese – 740mg;
100g of ferment cheese – 1024mg;

Thus during the day you should have about 3 glasses of milk products: kefir, sour milk, and yogurt. Buttermilk is good for digestive system and it is low calorie. Don’t use cream as it is high calorie and fat product.

1 tablespoon of cream (30%) – 32kcal;
1 tablespoon of cream (10%) – 13kcal;
1 tablespoon of sour cream (30%) – 32kcal;
1 tablespoon of sour cream (10%) – 13kcal;
1 tablespoon of low fat curd – 23kcal;
1 tablespoon of 20% curd – 35kcal;
1 tablespoon of 40% curd – 50kcal;

Express Milk Diet

If you are milk lover and have strong will, we suggest you 3 day diet. You should pink and white milk glasslose up to 2 pounds or kilo’s. It is not recommended to follow this diet longer. If you want to limit calories- chose 1 – 2.5% fat milk. Always drink additional liquids (about 1.5 liter of green mint tea, without sugar, gas free mineral water). You can have couple slices of black bread additionally.

Day Menu:

Breakfast: boiled egg and one glass of milk;
Lunch: half glass of milk;
Dinner: 200g potatoes boiled in water without salt and butter and one glass of milk;
Supper: one glass of milk.