Real Estate Terms That You Might Want To Know #1

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Thanks to my business interests and working in education for a long time, I soon will have plenty of time to work on another passion of mine…………Real Estate.

I have always wanted a Real Estate License and now I have the time to study and get my license!

So, to help my studying I’ve decided to add some definitions that people like yourself might be interested in.

Assignee:  Party to whom a lease is assigned or transferred.

Leasehold or a Lease:  An agreement, unwritten or written that transfers the right to exclusive possession and use of real estate for a definite time period.

Sublease:  Transfer less than the entire leasehold, with the original lessee being liable.

Estate At Sufferance:  A tenancy that is created when one is in the wrongful possession of real estate even though the original possession may have been originally legal.

I will be adding a whole bunch of definitions so come back often!

Tom Wallace